Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stay Alive (2006) ☆☆☆☆

I don't think it's necessary for me to point out just how far video games have come since their existence. It is absolutely mind blowing how intimate they have become, and I truly believe that Stay Alive was a little before it's time.

Once a terrifyingly morbid game gets into the wrong hands, a group of unsuspecting friends play into a sadistic prayer of Elizabeth Báthory, the infamous blood countess in the late 1500s. What seems to be a terrifying thrill soon shows it's true colors as the group is picked off one by one, as they died in the game. 

I was drawn to this film for many different reasons. Besides the fact that I am infatuated with morbid history & have been a gamer since pull-ups, the cast lineup is a great one. We have the lovely Jimmi Simpson, (Rose Red) the very talented Sophia Bush, (Chicago P.D, One Tree Hill) and many more faces I know and love. 

While a cast can make or break a film, that's not the only thing this one has going for it. This movie actually instilled fear in me. When I look at the horror genre these days, most things come as a disappointment. It wasn't over the top with gore, it wasn't a pop culture infused remake, it was creepy. It's a movie that burns into your brain and continues to haunt you when you close your eyes at night. 

To this day, I wait for the gaming world to become one with Stay Alive. If this does ever complete, I hope to enjoy it as much as I do the film. 

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